Monday, March 21, 2011

New Photos Posted

Friends, Have not yet posted Honduras trip narrative nor report of Amnesty International 50th anniversary meeting in San Francisco, March 18-20. Am now in Honolulu and will do that upon my return. Meanwhile, here are the photos, in reverse chronological order, starting with SF, since on a blog, what's latest comes first. If you want to view the journey as it unfolded chronologically, you will have to go back to find the first photo, then click "newer post" sequentially until you end up at the end. All Honduras photos are positioned on the left, Florida photos (where I stopped briefly on my way back from Honduras)on the right, and San Francisco photos, just last weekend, in the middle. Hawaii, if any, are yet to come. Even without any narrative, the photos tell you a lot. I will try not to tarry on the narrative after I get back to DC.

SF view from Fairmont tower

SF, overcast city view

cloudy day, SF

street musicians, SF

Joan Baez sings at Amnesty Int'l conf., SF

Joan Baez, Amnesty Int'l 50th anniver. meeting, SF

Barb, Bolivian archiect Carlos Marin, Cuban poet Jorge Valls

Barb & Cuban poet Jorge Valls

Barb & Jorge Valls, Coral Gables garden

Poet Jorge Valls, now 78, spent 20+ yrs. in Cuban prisons

Coral Gables lunch companions

Sunday excursion, Fla. Keys

boating, Fla. Keys

Barb, Fla. Keys

Barb, bro. Bob, Fla. Keys

Jean w Barb's bro. Bob, Fla. Keys

Miami girls coloring in apt. hallway

blind school pantry

new blind students sensitize fingers

blind teacher & students

blind boys on jungle gym

blind girls' walking chain

blind girls' walking chain going

blind keyboardist

blind kids' recorder duet

blind boys w talking computer

blind boy learning to use abacus

wheelchair pal of late friend Antonio

Barb w Luis's daughter, Chunga & granddaughter

weighing produce

Esperanza street corner

Sandra, age 11

Sandra's long ponytail

Barb w Arcenia & Sandra

Arcenia & dad, Sandra & Mom

Arcenia's operated feet, painted toenails

beans for sale

hand-embroidered cloth

baby trying to walk

Esperanza street vendors

Esperanza vendors

Sandra w mother & bro. showing operated leg

Esperanza street

loading bus

mothers & kids

town meeting

team gathers around injured patient

foot chopped with hatchet

sewing up injured foot