Monday, March 21, 2011

New Photos Posted

Friends, Have not yet posted Honduras trip narrative nor report of Amnesty International 50th anniversary meeting in San Francisco, March 18-20. Am now in Honolulu and will do that upon my return. Meanwhile, here are the photos, in reverse chronological order, starting with SF, since on a blog, what's latest comes first. If you want to view the journey as it unfolded chronologically, you will have to go back to find the first photo, then click "newer post" sequentially until you end up at the end. All Honduras photos are positioned on the left, Florida photos (where I stopped briefly on my way back from Honduras)on the right, and San Francisco photos, just last weekend, in the middle. Hawaii, if any, are yet to come. Even without any narrative, the photos tell you a lot. I will try not to tarry on the narrative after I get back to DC.

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