Thursday, April 3, 2014

Honduras Trip Report 2014, continued

Well, quite a bit got posted already, but prematurely, before I had finished. Then I tried to continue, but all the photos came out gigantic and only partially, so I figured out how to delete the whole darn thing--now I'm trying again to continue and finish up, but readers should start with the previous before going on to this posting. Actually, this is the 3rd attempt to continue. I'm going to leave out one photo that seems to be problematic and will just tell you about it--of a Lenca woman 9 months pregnant with her 8th child, having walked 2 hours with a preschooler to get to our clinic. We laid her down and let her hear her baby's heartbeat--the first time she had ever heard that. It seemed like she was ready to deliver, so hope she made it home. Sorry, you won't get to see her as her photo seems to be jinx this whole thing and may be why the previous posted prematurely. These things seems to have a mind of their own, beyond our control. So now will try posting the rest of the photos, minus the one that I described above.  But the photos are no longer showing up on my screen. They are of Choluteca, including of kids playing outside in the street at night and holding up some of the "magic towels I brought." I'd better see how this looks posted before I continue.

Well, I looked and some of the photos came out large again and distorted. I tried to change them. Maybe BlogSpot is getting tired of my posting some many photos. Maybe I should stop, but I'd like to finish. For the main part of this report, keep going back to "Older post" until you get to a posting titled "Where Is Spring?" Up to that point, things were going well--then they all went haywire.




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