Friday, March 13, 2015

Trip post 2--Honduran bathrooms, La Esperanza, Yamaranguila

Tried to post this last time, but it was rejected, so here goes.
Honduran bathrooms are the bane of my existence! Toilet paper must never be put into the toilet and the electroducha (scary electric showerhead water heater with homemade wiring). Sinks are not well positioned or engineered—note one faucet, for cold water only, still better than a latrine and an open-air water pila. 

Next photos are from La Esperanza, including of Luis Knight and family, Dona Chunga and her market clothing stall (reference: my Honduras book) with a little kitten visitor, dogs that blocked my way between houses (though they look quiet here, if I opened that gate, they immediately rose up barking and baring teeth), passed-out drunk guys on the sidewalk are a common Esperanza sight, eggs are not cleaned with chemicals and are never refrigerated, round soaps are for rubbing over clothes to wash them, busty clothes' dummy, Yarmaranguila recipients of walker and wheelchair identified by Esperanza Red Cross. Attended La Esperanza evangelical church--see children's choir.

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