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Honduras Trip Report, February 2016

This time, will try to let the photos tell most of the story. Here was my Choluteca host, Gustavo, the judge in my Honduras book, whom I first met decades ago when both of us were attending a human rights course in San Jose, Costa Rica. He designed and supervised the building of this enormous house where he lives with his 4th, much younger, wife, and their maid. 

This is a mototaxi, which took me all around El Triunfo during 100+ F temperatures. 

When this woman's daughter, who had spina bifida, was living, I got the girl a water mattress and other assistance, but she sadly died of a pressure sore before her 20th birthday. 

Dona Reina and daughter Solei

Here is Neris, the girl shown with me on my Facebook page, all grown up now and with two children. 

These photos are taken at the new Triunfo health center--Dra. Jeannette in the right corner between two nurses. Pregnant mothers were worried about contracting Zika.

Pedro Joaquin, would-be Triunfo librarian, strums his guitar.

Pedro J's twin daughters, youngest of his 4 kids

PJ's girls braiding a neighbor child's hair

PJ fixing motors, as electricity was out in town

 Sharing lunch with neighbor girl

 PJ is still keeping our future library book collection, including some kept in old refrigerators.
 Choluteca fashion display

Two photos above of Castros in Choluteca, family of the young doctor in my Honduras book

Wind energy is gaining traction 

Pigeons in bus terminal--also an armed guard, but I dared not photograph him

In La Esperanza, at the dinner table at Luis's home--he is absent aa usual--the place is well guarded by fierce dogs.

Why bathrooms and electrical wiring are scary 

Dona Chunga with pal at her new market location, which she does not particularly like

Evangelical service, La Esperanza, woman leading singing

At Esperanza Red Cross. student poster commemorating World Red Cross Day
This volunteer for parallel eye brigade had to have emergency gall bladder surgery and be sent home

Church in Yarmaranguila, near La Esperanza

Semane medical brigade volunteers gathered at the school where we would be holding our clinic the next morning; radio operator in black jacket came all the way from Durban, South Africa

Our local leader had been injured in a bus accident when the driver fell asleep

Patients start lining up before opening at 7 am
Line-up of school latrines

Medical files from nearby health center

Honduran dentist joined our team, same young woman who served with me 2 years ago

This patient had a  mouth tumor, so we took up a collection to send her to Teguc

Our solar shower bags and enclosure

Pharmacy corner--school desks were moved out during our stay

Volunteer IHS nurse from Manitoba interviews a family (with my help)

Path to home of walker recipient


This passage keeps large animals out while letting people pass; sugar cane to the right

Water source

 Paralyzed boy does not like new wheelchair; mother and grandmother try to make him sit

After a time, boy gets used to seeing wheelchair (mother has 3 other children)

Two years ago, in Jesus de Otoro, I met this mother raising 2 boys with spina bifida by herself--older boy has the same pressure sore as last time

"Boot" donated to ortho clinic, San Felipe public hospital (I'm wearing Operation Smile t-shirt)

These are patients in San Felipe OT clinic

Students at the residential school for the blind, Teguc

Awaiting lip/palate surgery, San Felipe hospital 

Six simultaneous surgeries over 5 days at San Felipe hospital, 2 in each of 3 operating rooms, Operation Smile, 136 surgeries in all that week

Child's parents with him in the recovery room

Operation Smile registration notice

Outside the hospital, plant life grows on the electrical wires

In a cyber-cafe

Some Teguc neighborhoods have closed off streets and hired 24-hour guards

Public kindergarten, pre-k, and first grade school

Empty desk of adoptive daughter who went back to the agency just before I arrived

15-year-old daughter's important birthday

Catholic church congregation, Teguc

Host mother's birthday, 2 days after daughter's 

Shopping for vegetables, Teguc

Getting on American A. flight back to the US requires going up the stairs

I've tried to post a large number of photos here. We'll soon see if they made to the blog.

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