Thursday, March 23, 2017

Adding Miami and Albuquerque

Dear Friends, Not being IT savvy, I find posting photos on this blog, even with a bare minimum of narrative to be quite challenging, so thanks for your understanding. Let's see if I can finish this today.

Above, Homestead shelter where injured Cuban dissident Sirley Avila has been staying for 3 months , after lost paperwork and other problems. Below, Sirley can now walk short distances with a cane. I wrote about her:

                          Below, I invited Sirley and our mutual friend John to lunch.

Below, with another friend, Gerardo, at his home and he and his wife with their pet parakeet. She is from Argentina; he is Cuban.

At lunch below with another Cuban, Dr. Federico, a retired academic and physician, a versatile gentleman who also writes and sings romantic songs in Spanish--and plays the guitar to accompany himself.

Below with Silvia L (Cuban), Carlos (Bolivian), and Karen (USA) 

For some reason, I have no photos of my TV interviewer (in Spanish), nor links to either of my TV appearances, but most readers of this blog don't know Spanish anyway. Regrettably, I also don't have photos of Armando and his family (from my Cuba book), whom I also saw in Florida. 

Below is my brother Bob and his girlfriend Jean next to his new Tesla, a self-driving car that gets free electricity, so no gas, no noise. 

First photo below of flowering tree when I cam back from Honduras and Florida, followed by photo of surprise snow storm that wilted all the flowers.

Below with my new Jamaica assistant Sarah at Amnesty International's 2017 conference in Albuquerque. 

Sarah and Nick below

                                                  AI candle logo at conference hotel

                                                 Below, pro-immigration display

                                       Amnesty leaders from other countries speak in solidarity

                                                Entertainment by local musicians


                                Cathedral from 1700's refurbished below and cathedral gardens below that

                                  Albuquerque is a city of murals and friendly, interesting, quirky people

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