Monday, February 3, 2014

Returning in March, Pete Seeger, Pope Francis, Karzai, My New Book!, Blog Troubles

Leaving now for Honduras, so I won’t be posting here for the next month or so. It’s too hard to try to do so from that country, as I’m constantly on the move and have little internet access. Will give a full report upon my return. While there, I plan to send a letter with a Honduran stamp to the boy in Spain who is collecting and displaying mail from around the world on his own blog and who contacted me here a few months ago.

Comments on news items:

Someone many of us my age have long admired is now gone. Folk singer Pete Seeger has died at age 94. Until very recently, he was still singing publicly and sang for the Occupy encampment in New York City in 2011.

Pope Francis on the cover of Rolling Stone?  His image is certainly making the rounds. He’s broken out of the mold of most recent popes, which seems a good thing.

Karzai is really going off the deep end, accusing the US of fomenting militant attacks within Afghanistan.

I’d also like to announce my new book that came out just now before my departure, for sale on Amazon, Confessions of a Secret Latina: How I Fell Out of Love with Castro & in Love with the Cuban People, with endorsements from Kartherine Hirschfeld, PhD, of the U of Oklahoma, Humberto Rodriguez-Camilloni, PhD, of Va. Tech, and three names associated with Amnesty International USA, James Graham, former director of the country specialists’ program; Carlos Marin, chair of the Andean co-group; and Steve Marquardt, PhD, former legislative coordinator for Minnesota. It’s a companion book to my previous memoir: Triumph & Hope: Golden Years with the Peace Corps in Honduras. My daughter Stephanie already has created an Amazon link to this blog and the cover is also posted above.

Again, I’ve had great difficulty posting on this blog ever since Amnesty’s closing of my Earthlink account in January led to the establishment of a gmail account that seems to have confused both Google and me.  I am unable to show you an image of the cover for some reason, although a someone fuzzy image appears on the right.

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