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Election Blues, Cuba, Honduras, Colombia, South Sudan

Neighbors put up this sign at entrance to Clinton home. 

At Chappaqua public library talk, Nov. 9, 2016

New York city

My talk at Barnard College

I take back what I said about wishing the presidential election and campaign were over. Now the nightmare has become real. Those who refused to vote for the “lesser of evils”—that is Hillary Clinton--either by abstaining or voting for a 3rd party candidate, now have the greater of evils. To make matters worse, Trump’s popularity has reportedly increased since his Electoral College victory nor is he giving any quarter to the majority of voters who did not support him. On the contrary, he seems bent on appointing the most retrograde of advisers, Bannon and Sessions, guys even beyond the fringe, perhaps as vengeance toward those who voted against him. Mitt Romney would be the exception if he becomes part of the Trump administration—we would feel relief if a cooler head were on board. I never thought I would say that about Romney, but it’s all relative. And it would good to see some Republicans in Congress and the Senate opposing Trump if they don’t like his direction or his takeover of their party. However, at this early stage, his popularity has reportedly grown—not to 50% yet, but an uptick. Let’s see how long that lasts.

The New Yorker issue published just before the election, which arrived in our mailboxes afterward, had a clever cover applicable to whichever outcome would actually occur, namely an image of a guy reading an open newspaper on the subway showing these headlines: “Oh, Sweet Jesus, Please God, No; Anything But That; Come On.” In that same issue (cover dated Nov. 14 but issued the week before) is a long, detailed “Letter from Venezuela, A Failing State,” by William Finnegan about how that once-prosperous nation has spiraled down, not only because of lower oil prices, but because of a failed ideology and coercive political tactics. (By helping a Venezuelan asylum applicant, I’ve got an inside look on how one family was impacted.)   

Needless to say, being in Chappaqua the day after the election was a real downer--only 8 people attended my talk there. Townspeople had erected a sign next to the Clinton driveway saying "Hillary we love you." Little girls there were carrying around small hammers to “break the glass ceiling.” At Barnard College, two days later, less than half the people who had signed up for my talk actually attended. Lots of demonstrations raged in NYC, especially around Trump Tower. Buildings bearing Trump’s name on them are taking it off and daughter Ivanka’s clothing line is apparently tanking. If Trump entered the presidential race to increase his fortunes, that’s not happening, at least not yet. Of course, if he succeeds in lowering tax rates, especially on the top brackets, his wealth might increase. That he would be willing to sacrifice the nation’s wellbeing, including that of his fervent low-income supporters, to further increase the wealth of his family, well beyond what they could possibly ever spend or need, is a sign not only of avarice, but of emotional illness. His Trump Foundation has turned out to be phony, just like everything else.

In Manhattan, an 11-year-old girl vacated her bedroom for me. Her big pillow said A WOMAN'S PLACE IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Many young girls like her were disappointed. We've got to think of some effective counter-strategy. So, Democrats didn’t pay sufficient attention to the white working class? Well, there are a lot of other folks out there, like me and all my neighbors, who now feel ignored; we are people and voters too, so watch out! I thought GW Bush was our worst president in my lifetime, but I would say that Trump trumps him and he hasn’t even gotten started. I hope to live to see the end of his presidency.

Trump is not only a blatant and shameless liar, but pretty obviously has sexually assaulted numerous women, perhaps short of rape, in any case, without their consent. I hope they will pursue their cases, but it’s going to be a battle. Bill Clinton is a womanizer, but his liaisons apparently have been consensual, though, in the Lewinsky case, because of her youth and subordinate position, there may have been implied coercion.

While name-calling and stereotyping should be avoided, in Trump’s case, they are no exaggeration. Trump is a cheat, trickster, braggart, someone who promotes fake news and takes advantage of others—totally dishonest. Who can trust his word? He flaunts his wealth in a garish way, with gold furniture and appliances. He seems to be unable to focus. He loves disparaging people and name calling. The whole birther thing was ridiculous and even more ridiculous was his statement that Hillary Clinton started the birther rumor and he ended it! I felt somewhat sorry for him for being such a dysfunctional human being until he became president.

Trump’s presidency has many people, myself included, uncertain about what tactic to adopt next—whether to focus on issues and ignore Trump’s outsized personality or what? I don’t think demonstrations against his policies and boycotts of Trump properties alone will do it. And civil war is not the way to go. Civil disobedience is. The non-cooperation of sanctuary cities in immigration raids is a good first step, even if federal funds should be withheld in retaliation. An internet and buying blackout is proposed for inauguration day and a women’s march, which I plan to join, on the next day. My daughter Stephanie is joining us then from Hawaii. I hope Trump doesn’t find a way to block our plans. And we have to make gains in Congress and the Senate 2 years hence (speaking here as an already disenfranchised DC citizen myself). We must keep our energy from flagging and push the momentum in the other direction.

Trump just settled a lawsuit against his totally fake, exploitative Trump University for $25 million. He had duped those who signed up for courses, just as he has duped most of those who voted for him. He may enjoy a respite at first because the Republican Congress will not constantly block him, as they did Obama. Infrastructure spending, which Hillary also championed, may move forward more quickly with Republican support, but with tax cuts (Hillary proposed increases on the top brackets, including on social security earnings) will bring on inflation, a ballooning deficit, and a possible recession. Of course, he proposes tax cuts at the top levels and the end of the estate tax, the deficit be damned. He will try to blame a recession on Obama.

Reportedly, Trump’s hotels and daughter Ivanka’s clothing line are losing money and the slack is not being made up by Trump’s Rust Belt supporters who cannot afford such luxuries. That may make an impact. Brexit was a warning signal. Far-right parties in Europe will now feel encouraged. Michael Moore, unfortunately, nailed it before the election and David Remnick of the New Yorker afterward.
To add insult to injury, last I heard, Hillary Clinton was leading Trump by over 1.5 million in the popular vote—that must be a record for a losing candidate. If the system was rigged, it was rigged in Donald Trump’s favor. Since Trump’s margins were usually so slim in the states he won, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that he owes his victory to Snowden, Assange, Putin, Weiner, and Comey. At least Trump’s e-mail won’t be hacked, because he doesn’t do e-mail. Maybe Trumpcare will replace Obamacare? If the coverage is similar, who cares? Something must be done to reign in healthcare costs, as well as provide more coverage to more people, though Trump may not go in that direction. He is more likely to cut benefits and beneficiaries. I do feel that healthcare providers’ salaries, including those for doctors and nurses, need to be held in check. Their contributions are vital, but are far above what is earned by health professionals in other developed countries and each profession keeps on pushing its own compensation up. I speak as someone who worked for 16 years for a healthcare provider organization and witnessed those constant salary efforts.

On Nov. 14, President Obama gave a very good press conference. He is amazingly cogent and convincing, unlike Trump, who prefers tweets, soundbites, insults, and over-generalizations.  Trump needs to become more presidential—stop tweeting and being so thin-skinned.

Here’s another commentary if you are in the mood.

What all this will mean for human rights, Amnesty International, and the Caribbean region (my volunteer responsibility for Amnesty) is anyone’s guess. Such issues have not been prominent in the presidential campaign and Trump is so impulsive, his course there is unpredictable (speaking here as private citizen, not an Amnesty representative). Campaigning in Florida, he did promise to roll back the Obama/Raul Castro accords and I know some Cuban Americans who voted for him solely on that issue, which upsets me. In my book talks in the NYC area, I had planned to suggest some next steps that Hillary might take on Cuba. Now Trump, with Congressional support may well try to backtrack. Raul Castro wisely called Trump to congratulate him and immediately ordered military maneuvers. Trump is a big fan of Putin, a close Castro ally.

It’s a sad day for our country. Let's work to get rid of the Electoral College and keep fighting against Trumpism. We can only hope against hope that his bark turns out to be worse than his bite. He is notorious for changing his positions on everything (remember Barack Obama's birth certificate?), which may cause some pushback within the Republican Party and end up educating some gullible voters. There will be no wall with Mexico--except maybe a short, symbolic one—and Hillary won't be locked up, 11 million people won't be deported, and coal and steel won't be coming back. Will any of that matter to Trump supporters?

Children and their future had the most at stake in this election, as Donald Trump can do lasting damage by reinforcing and giving legitimacy to the worst instincts and attitudes of certain segments of the population (Hillary's unfortunately labeled "deplorables"). Already the Ku Klux Klan has been marching in celebration

As I had predicted, Trump is not keen on moving into the White House and Melania certainly is not. He is also resisting giving up involvement in his financial empire. I suspect he entered the presidential race only to further his name recognition and family fortunes.

50 GOP national security officials said before the election that Trump would be 'most reckless president in American history’

Let's hope that Trump turns out to be merely mediocre or bumbling, rather than malignant. He's getting off to a disorderly start, so it seems. The guy has opinions but no experience and is easily bored. It’s hard to imagine that he would want to run for a second term. Indications are that he enjoys campaigning and the adulation of crowds (or of being a reality TV star) more than the nuts and bolts of governing or actually running anything. I'm feeling pretty discouraged. I did vote for Hillary. I had been in meetings with her on gun control and health care reform back when she was First Lady when I was writing for OT Week, a publication of my employer. She had impressed me then as being more personable and cogent that she seemed later on the campaign trail.

Cubalex’s director, human rights attorney Lartiza Diversent, was a member of my Amnesty Int’l Conference Cuba panel last April in Miami. Her appearance on our panel may have put her at additional risk. Below is part of an Urgent Action on her case—the full action is available on the Amnesty website.  
UA: 261/16 Index: AMR 25/5156/2016 Cuba Date: 18 November 2016 URGENT ACTION HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYERS UNDER THREAT Members of Cubalex, a Havana-based organization of human rights lawyers, have been subjected to months of harassment and intimidation by the Cuban authorities for their work. Progressively since September, Cuban authorities have intimidated members of Cubalex (Legal Information Center), a non-government organization, not recognized by the Cuban authorities, which provides free legal and human rights advice in Havana, the capital. On 23 September, according to its Director, Laritza Diversent, authorities searched Cubalex’s centre of operation without warrant, confiscated a number of laptops and documents, and forced at least one woman to undress.

 Honduran Migrants: We left because we had to.

I’ve known many of these Hondurans, Migrants maimed by ‘The Beast’ visit Miami to recount their ordeal
Some good news about Honduras for a change, namely that US-funded programs there seem to have had a beneficial effect on the crime and murder rate.


BOGOTA. [Former] President Álvaro Uribe of Colombia and Marcell Felipe, President of Inspire América Foundation, meet in Bogota to discuss specific plans to be implemented to promote democracy in the Americas. The former President sent a message of support to the Cuban Opposition. Asked if the Cuban regime had any moral authority to mediate the Colombian peace talks with the FARC when the Castros were part of the conflict itself, the President was clear: it does not.

South Sudan

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