Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween, A Birthday, Reminder on My Upcoming Talks, Cuban Dissident Returns to US, Election Prospects

Folks, obviously, I don't know how to move these photos around easily, so thanks for bearing with me. 

Well, we had a little respite during a neighbor child’s birthday and Halloween, thank goodness.

Reminder that I will be at MLKing Library in DC along with other local authors on Sat. Nov. 5, 10 am- 5 pm and at Chappaqua Public Library Wed. Nov. 9 and at Barnard College/Columbia U. on Fri. Nov. 11. 

Meanwhile, I just received the message below:

From John Suarez
To Barbara Joe
Today Nov. 2 at 7:19 PM
(Re Cuban Democracy advocate Sirley Avila.
who was crippled and lost her hand because of a machete attack by an attacker who was apparently not sanctioned and is still threatening her.)

Good news. Getting Sirley assistance will now be easier. Bad news: She had to flee Cuba. Situation had become intolerable. Home was occupied. Mother's home where she was staying had a microphone and camera placed across the street along with constant harassment by state security agents. Finally the man who attacked her was on the street and bragging how he was going to finish the job.

She arrived Saturday night and we are doing all we can to get her settled in.

Cordially, John

Here is my earlier article about her:

I will be so glad when this election is over, though it’s not over until it’s over and our country and the world will certainly be in big trouble if Trump actually wins. Already, the stock market has fallen since the new FBI probe into e-mails was announced. The stock market doesn’t like uncertainty and Trump presidency would bring big-time uncertainly for years. I didn’t say “Clinton’s e-mails” because we don’t know yet what these e-mails are. And unfortunately, Trump is now even with Clinton or slightly ahead. The fates seem to piling up against Hillary, but if she should lose, God forbid, I would hope that Republicans and Democrats might team up together to halt some of Trump's most egregious efforts, as the guy is totally impulsive, self-serving, and ignorant. People think Hillary is dishonest, but what about Trump? Our local Spanish-language papers here in DC, obviously, have endorsed Clinton.
Despite discovery of the new e-mails (isn’t the electorate getting tired of hearing about Hillary’s e-mails?), we still have to vote for Hillary because the alternative is unthinkable. There was even hope that Hillary might have a down-ballot influence that would help her govern. Even if there is no smoking gun in the new e-mails, which is likely, the damage to Clinton and the Democrats has been done. The new e-mails may exonerate her completely, but there isn’t time to examine and report on them all before next Tues. It’s ironic that the e-mails in question are connected to Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of her assistant, Huma Abedin, a guy who continued his sex-texting of young girls and women, a connection not so savory for Clinton, though she can scarcely be blamed for Weiner's strange compulsion. Why are these e-mails only being examined now? A complete review that might totally exonerate Clinton is probably impossible to complete within the short time before the election. FBI Director James Comey sent Congress (a congress hostile to Clinton) a letter on the new e-mails despite DOJ’s warning that it would breach policy. Did he do it to deliberately sabotage the election of Clinton or what? He worked for GW Bush before. The timing is suspect. In the worst case, the new investigation might cause voters to throw up their hands and simply not vote. Comey would continue to serve in a Clinton administration because he has a 10-year term, though Abedin may be out of a job even if Hillary wins. While Hillary has been standing by her assistant throughout, this may be the final blow for Huma Abedin. And, we may have Weiner to thank for Hillary’s future election loss and for Republican congressional victories, as well as for the loss of his own family and marriage.
We can survive a Hillary Clinton (one-term?) presidency, but Trump is a complete dark hole. I don't think even he knows what he would do if he won--he's so used to "winging it." Political and economic chaos is likely if he becomes president. However, then Republican and Democratic lawmakers might actually come together to thwart or control his most egregious plans. A pundit, who has called all recent presidential elections correctly, continues to insist that Trump will win. If so, too many of our fellow Americans are easily manipulated. Of course, Brits voted for Brexit even though it was probably not in their best interests and the Oregon Wildlife occupiers were acquitted despite overwhelming evidence, so a Trump victory is certainly possible, especially with these new e-mail questions. There may be nothing in the e-mails, except salacious information about Weiner, but the damage is done. Can we still dodge the bullet?
And, in another anomaly, Cuba, along with other abusive regimes, such as China. Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, was elected to the UN Human Rights Council. Talk about a conflict of interest with violators judging their own human rights’ records. Already, the Cuban regime tells its own citizens that all their problems are not due to the top leadership’s mismanagement and greed, but to the US embargo, which barely exists any more, with food and most medicines and medical equipment exempt. And who says Cuba cannot still trade with other nations? Does it have a right to insist on trade with the US? Cuban billboards denounce the embargo as a “blockade” that is the world’s worst genocide. Do Cubans actually believe that they are suffering genocide?  Cuba is an example of a people who fell in love with a charismatic, unpredictable, and ruthless leader who ruined their country for generations.  Let’s hope that Trump won’t do similar damage if he is victorious, though we should recover more quickly than Cuba has. Maybe he could even be impeached when voters realize their mistake? Even a Clinton presidency will be mostly concerned with damage control focused on Trump supporters and congressional Republicans.
In Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega’s running mate is his wife, Rosario Murillo. Why not? Once back in office, he has maneuvered and manipulated his way to remain. I was there as an election observer when he was defeated in 1990 when opposition parties united behind Violeta Chamorro with UNO. It was the fragmentation of the opposition and everyone wanting to be top dog that allowed Ortega to get back into office with only 1/3 of the vote (the winner being the biggest voter-getter, not with the majority). Since then, with high court maneuvers, press manipulation, and other questionable actions, he has managed to stay in office, so with a compliant vice president, his own wife, he can expect to remain for his lifetime. 

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