Monday, January 19, 2009

Book signing party--big success

Despite competition from Barak Obama and company on the mall, my book signing party held January 18 was a big success, with over 70 participants who braved terrible traffic to arrive. My author's order of 100 books is now almost gone. My daughters Melanie (from NC) and Stephanie (Hawaii) were there, as well as granddaughter Natasha and her baby, DeAndre. The party also collected $300 for the family of Honduran environmentalist Gilberto Flores, who attended with his numerous family. Gilberto, who works in construction, has been out of work for some time. I thank one and all who attended and braved traffic to be there. I plan to return to Honduras to work with a Minnesota group conducting a medical brigade--the same one mentioned in the Epilogue of my book under the subtitle Hortensias Brigade. We'll be camping out in tents and using a solar-heated shower. Will report here after my return, Barbara

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