Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's here, folks, everything you wanted to know about Peace Corps service but were afraid to ask, available now through, Triumph & Hope

Search for Triumph & Hope: Golden Years with the Peace Corps in Honduras by Barbara E. Joe, search either by title or author's name on

When the author announced plans to join the Peace Corps in her 60s, a male friend was skeptical, predicting her prompt return home, "by Christmas at the latest." But thanks to the welcoming folks of two towns El Triunfo, 'The Triumph', and La Esperanza, 'The Hope' acknowledged in her book's title, she extended her stay beyond the usual term and finally made peace with the tragedy of her son's untimely death. A powerful, inspiring personal story that offers an intimate look inside Peace Corps service, showing that no matter what your age and circumstances, you can always forge a new direction. Readers will experience, step-by-step, what Peace Corps service is really like, its ups and downs, adventures and challenges. Ample illustrations enhance the text. Baby boomers considering their next life passage will be especially interested in this frank and moving recital.

Barbara E. Joe, a native of Boston, is a freelance writer, Spanish interpreter, and translator living on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. She is the author of numerous newspaper and magazine articles and several technical books. This is her first book for a general audience. Readers are invited to sign onto her blog, post comments and questions, and get updates on her periodic return visits to Honduras,

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Jose Varela said...

Barbara, anoche ordenamos tu libro. Can't wait to get your autograph on my copy. Congratulations!

Barbara Joe said...

Please feel free to comment on any of these blogs using the publish your comments button

Leslie said...

Hi Barbara! I am an RPCV from La Esperanza (00-02) and remember the famous Barbara Joe name! I live in the DR now so won't have access to the book until the next time I go home, but I will hang on to the link.

Are you on Facebook? There is an RPCV Honduras page that you could promote your book. Cheers!

Barbara Joe said...

Jose Manuel, Leslie, I am responding very late your comments, confessing that I am IT challenged and just realizing that comments have appeared on this blog. So far, I haven't joined Facebook, but maybe I will because so many friends are on it, especially Peace Corps friends.

So, Leslie, I should be on Facebook by next month, if I can figure out how to join. For those of us who never grew up with computers and Internet, it's a learning process. I've also now listed my main e-mail address here in case people want to communicate with me directly. Thank you for your kind words.

What are you doing now in the DR? I have good friends living there, from the Espaillat family, a famous name in DR political history. Let me know if you would like to meet them. It does seem that people living in other countries have a hard time ordering my book on I've communicated with Aamzon about that, but they have not been forthcoming. I could try to send you a copy.