Sunday, January 11, 2009

Correction Chapter 13

At the end of the chapter on religion, Chapter 13, there is a photo identified to me at the time as a statue of San Martin de Porras. But now a scholar familiar with that saint says that's a sometimes used, but rare spelling, the most common being Porres. Found the following excerpt after folks had insisted that his name was spelled Porres, not Porras, but no, it turns out that Porras is an equally acceptable spelling, endorsed by none other than UNESCO. After all, we are talking about someone who lived in the 1600s when spelling rules were probably not so exact UNESCO's programme aiming at preservation and dissemination of valuable archive holdings and library collections worldwide.
"Letter by Brother Martín de Porras concerning the retrocession of a power of attorney assigned to Joan de Porras. Lima, 28 January 1636. f. 135 - 135v. Protocol N° 2000. Diego Jaramillo (1635-1636). Photo related to the Nomination Peru - Notarial Protocolos of the sixteenth to twentieth Centuries Martín de Porras, a saint who performed miracles and displayed humility, charity and discipline. The Church honoured him by Papal Bull of 29 October 1837 which provided for his beatification and by the Bull of 6 May 1962 which cannonized him."

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