Sunday, March 11, 2012

Honduras Photos #3, Feb. 2012, La Esperanza

Thanks to my patient readers for bearing with me. Starting now to get the hang of this, though my computer photo files are kind of jumbled, so it's sometimes hard to remember just what has already been posted, as we don't see the final product until we press "publish post," only a bunch of letters and symbols kind of like those you get when an e-mail message bounces. This batch is of La Esperanza, walking around town with Luis's 8-year-old daughter Alexandra, including one photo with my former landlady and aspiring mayoral candidate Norma. Another shows Alex with brother Elian in their patio. Dona Chunga's grandkids hold up expanded Magic Towels, something I always bring. Chunga, a widow with 13 children, is shown at her market shop, at home cooking, and under a portrait of her as a newlywed with her late husband (a gunshot victim). This is easier than posting each photo and caption separately, so I hope it works for readers and viewers. Here goes again. Let's see what turns out this time.

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