Sunday, March 11, 2012

Honduras Photos #6, Pilar Salinas Residential School for the Blind, Teguc

This is the last blog photo entry for my 2012 Honduras trip, or first to be seen after the regular blog.

A sign warning that blind people are crossing is posted at a busy Teguc circle bearing a statue of Francisco Morazon, Honduran patriot. Seen at the school are blind teachers with students of all ages and some teachers are also sighted. During breaks, the kids hang out and play in the interior patio, with boys gathering with boys and girls with girls--the same pattern for eating. The students seem to have no eating utensils and drink sugared coffee with every meal. They sleep in sex-segregated dorms. One girl is shown with her Barbie doll. A staff member washes and hangs up laundry near the school's water pila. The cook has left her two youngest boys, ages 7 and 17, alone in her hometown, where she sees them only one weekend a month. She cannot get a job there and is afraid to have them living in Teguc. The boys have 5 older siblings, but all are married and living in Teguc. You will see that this school, like many other places, has a Last Supper picture. And I attended the Ash Wed. Mass at the school chapel.

Like with the previous photo postings, I'm posting these photos "blind" so we'll see how they come out. After this, will post the main blog and be done for reporting on my trip. Whew!


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