Sunday, March 11, 2012

Honduras Photos Feb. 2012, #1 Southern Honduras

OK, folks, trying something new here. Let's see what happens. These are the first photos of my trip, where I started out, all in Choluteca and southern Honduras, including Guasaule and El Triunfo. What are you seeing here (I hope)? The mother and two Castro daughters, including one about to give birth, the Choluteca rehab center with kids doing exercises including a 4-year-old boy born with only one arm (wish I had found out where he got his prostheses), Bessy with her mother and her new wheelchair, Marciel (with facial burn scars)expecting her first child, myself being embraced by village health volunteer and midwife Leah in Matapalos, twin girls with their babies with Blanca my other faithful health volunteer in Rio Grande #1, the ubiquitous representation of the Last Supper found in hispanic households both in the US and abroad, elderly sisters Mariana and Mercedes keeping their distance from each other (after 90 years together, they are tired of seeing each other), Dona Reina and Solei hugging her, Jorge without a shirt because it's hot. I'm going to hit "Publish Post" now and if it comes out half-way decent, will continue on with the rest.

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